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science and technology is the first productive force

Quality is the life of the enterprise

integrity is the purpose of the enterprise

Today, Taoyuan pursues the business philosophy of "science and technology is the first productive force" Relying on universities and research institutions with a high-quality scientific research team. With advanced and complete production equipment and equipped with complete precision instruments and inspection facilities. Layer by layer process, strict control, to ensure product quality and safety and easy absorption. "Quality is the life of the enterprise, integrity is the purpose of the enterprise". Taoyuan professional, concentration, focus on making iron dextran raw materials and preparations in the past 3 decades and continuous research and innovation. Always on the principle of quality, safety and effectiveness, care for human health, advocate green farming, is committed to building Taoyuan brand. Taoyuan’s products sell well in more than 30 provinces, and autonomous regions, "iron dextran" raw materials exported to Southeast Asia, South America, Eastern Europe and so on.


Since 1989

In human manner to animals a mission has been held over three decades since 1989.

Back to 1989

Back to 1989, Mr.Zhang a chemist who used to work in The National Research Institute of Chemical Industry, is the founder of Guangxi Nanning Taoyuan Veterinary Drugs Factory. 1989 a small factory is established in Guangxi Nanning. produce iron dextran raw material and injection. which can be used in the iron-deficiency anemia of newborn piggies and other animals.

In 1993

In 1993 China pig industry association asked the animal husbandry department to do the contrast test, proved the FU TIE LI effect is remarkable, be listed as the key promotion product to the whole country. And won the third China Patent Technology New Products Expo gold medal.

In 1994

The trademark of Futieli Iron dextran injection, successfully registered in 1994 continued to use up to now, became a famous brand in China.


Taoyuan’s iron dextran using advanced complexing process to ensure that the iron element is completely transformed into organic complexing iron. The unique electrodialysis nanofiltration technology and the second ultrafiltration  technology are used to completely remove all kinds of impurities produced in the production process, eliminate allergens, higher safety and avoid unconverted of free iron salts cause allergic stress on piglets. Better absorption, faster iron supplement, iron absorption rate is higher, to achieve excellent iron supplement effect. The injection of Taoyuan’s iron dextran can significantly stabilize the hemoglobin content in the piglet within 10 days after injection. Due to the low viscosity of the product itself, low salt, no precipitation, good stability and fluidity, it can ensure that the unabsorbed iron content in the injection site is less than 20%, so as to enhance the piglet's physique, rosy skin, bright coat, enhance the resistance to disease etc.