Pay attention to pig anemia


Iron deficiency is the main cause of baby pig anemia. Pigs are born with only small amounts of iron (approx. 50 mg.) in their bodies. In order to maintain health and realize maximum growth, a baby pig must receive, from outside sources, 7 mg. of iron per day for the first three weeks of life. The sow’s milk, regardless of the feed she eats, can supply only about 1 mg. of additional iron per pig per day. Thus, the need for a readily available outside iron source is apparent. Without this additional iron, over 90% of the newborn pigs may develop anemia within the first few days of life. Anemia lowers the body defenses against disease, allowing for scours, pneumonia, and other conditions to develop. Pig anemia can cause death, and is capable of destroying entire fitters.


It has been shown by many investigators that pig anemia retards growth. Infrequent oral doses of iron do not allow for maximum pig performance. Many studies have shown that pigs injected with Iron-Dextran complex gain-up to 35% faster than untreated littermates. A single 1 cc. dose of Iron-Dextran Injectable (100 mg.) on or before 3 days of age gives weight gains equal or superior to that obtained with up to five weekly oral iron treatments.




For prevention, of Pig Anemia-1 cc. intramuscularly per pig on or before 3 days of age.


For treatment of Pig Anemia-Prevention is always superior to treatment since anemia can cause irreversible liver damage and result in permanently stunted pigs. Where treatment is necessary, the recommended dose is 1 to 2 cc. intramuscularly as soon as symptoms appear.



1. Iron-Dextran Injectable

2. Ordinary 10 cc. syringe

3. 1/2 inch-20 gauge needle

4. Disinfectant (rubbing alcohol or tincture of iodine)

5. Cotton


1. Sterilize needles and syringes by boiling in water for 15 to 20 minutes before use.

2. Remove tear-off aluminium cap from the vial of Iron-Dextran Injectable and swab rubber stopper with disinfectant.

3. With plunger extended, attach the needle to the syringe and pierce the rubber diaphragm.

4. Press plunger in, forcing air into vial.

5. With needle tip in the solution, invert the vial and draw the desired volume of solution into the syringe with a steady slow pull on the plunger.


Iron-Dextran Injectable is for intramuscular use. The preferred site of injection is the ham muscle. Push the needle directly into the ham to approximately a one-half (1/2) inch depth. Avoid injection into a blood vessel. This is best avoided by pulling back slightly on the plunger after the needle is seated in the ham. If properly located, resistance will be offered to this effort. If the plunger is pulled back easily, remove and relocate the needle.

STEP 1 – The pig is held underarm, between knees, or by an assistant. Apply disinfectant to the injection site with cotton. Pull down on skin and fat with thumb as shown. Approximately halfway along a line between the anus and thumb is the best injection site.

STEP 2 – Before injecting Iron-Dextran Injectable, point the needle upward, and gently press the plunger to expel all air from syringe. The needle is inserted of right angle to the skin into the ham to approximately a one-half (1/2) inch depth and the injection made.

STEP 3 – The needle should always be protected from contamination. Do not lay it on sills, ledges, etc. between injections. Hold in hand. Between injections, wipe needle thoroughly with fresh cotton moistened with disinfectant.


Iron-Dextran Injectable, when used as directed, fulfills all the requirements of the ideal injectable iron preparation. It is quickly absorbed, completely utilized and non-toxic. Iron-Dextran Injectable provides high hemoglobin levels for the critical three-week period and when used in proper dosages, “booster” doses are seldom necessary.



Post time: Jun-21-2023